Cement + Lime Kiln Burner Pipe Case Study

Cement & Lime - Fabrication


Cement + Lime Industry


Technical Team + Workshop Management Team


Pre-cast job at the Refractory Shop


Critical Refractory Inspections + Repair

Pre-cast jobs in the refractory shop.  Main components of the projects are demo, metal work and refractory installation.  We pick up parts from the customer site, refractory demo, remove metal anchors, grinding sleeves and fix at our shop.  We install insulating pipe around this burner pipe and damper.  Weld the metallic anchors and build forms to pour to make the refractory cast.  Then we cure the pipe, build a technical report and deliver to the customer when it is fully cured and ready for installation. 

 Pickup parts from Customer site

Refractory demo

Metal anchors removed & fix grinding sleeves

Install insulate material around the burner pipe & damper

Welding metallic anchors

Build forms and pour refractory castable

Curing process

Build technical report

Delivery to the customer

24/7 Tech. support across US

Our technical & workshop management team work together on all the workshop projects to reach the best quality and design, looking for the best performance of the materials used.

Pickup and delivery services

Mechanical and welding capacity

Knowledge on the fabrication of forms and shapes

Ability to mix and pour Refractory materialTechnical supervision on the shop all the time

Capacity to cure concrete and tracking the temperature of the process

Technical report as needed

More than 15,00 ft² workshop size allow us to work and build larges pieces or equipment

Pick up next day the customer contacts us

Knowledge analyzes technical information from the customer

Years of experience on both Welding and Refractory

Data of the Curing process

Cement & Lime - Kiln Alkali Quench Duct