Cement + Lime Kiln Alkali Quench Duct Case Study

Kiln Alkali Quench Duct


Cement and Lime Industry


Technical Team / Refractory and Engineering Specialists


Fabrication | Installation | Pre-Casting | Refractory | Shotcrete | Welding


Critical Refractory Inspections + Repair

Technical team ready to perform  engineering  activities and utilize engineering software and hardware to build technical and fabrication drawings. Our proven experienced Brick Masons can place any pre-cast shapes and do Shortcrete in every place the customer needs.  We are equipped to fabricate large industrial structures.  Our management team would plan the job several weeks before the job starts and cost the plat to work side by side with the customer url the Jos is safe and completed. we have the technology to perform thermal inspections and the ability to determine the grade of work we expect base on the external temperature readings. We partnered with a crane company to provide full services on this project. 

Fabrication of ducts and structures

Refractory pre-cast installation at the ELITE shop

Refractory jobs in PhT



Refractory Specialists + Technical Support Team Members

Upon receiving the call, we were on-site at the plant within 24 hours with a full crew. We inspected and assessed all parts and created a detailed list of what needed to be done.

We built a detailed drawing to manufacture a duct that needed to be rebuilt, utilizing reverse engineering.

We removed the old section from the alkali bypass system, fabricated a new duct at the shop and installed pre-cast blocks (120 pcs) to then delivery and install.

We installed with welding anchors and 360 square feet Shortcrete.

We know that some things must be replaced on a moment’s notice. That is why we are ready and can reverse engineer when necessary. We have the, team, process, skills, tools and equipment needed to manufacture custom valves, ducts and structures in general.