Cement + Lime Clinker Cooler Case Study

Cement & Lime - Fabrication


Cement + Lime Industry


Technical Team + Refractory Sepecialists


Thermal Inspections + Clinker Cooler Roof Hot


Critical Refractory Inspections + Repair

We performed a Thermal Inspection on a Kiln Clinker Cooler that had a hot roof. We identified refractory hot spots and compared the thermal profile with the job during the outage. After analyzing the anchor system and refractory installation we can offer alternative custom solutions to resolve the heat disposition issues.  

Thermal Inspections 

Temperatures profile

Technical report

Experience on anchor systems

Design refractory installation

Refractory installation

24/7 Tech. support across US

Refractory specialist team w/technical equipment & knowledge of refractory & cement industry available to helping the new generations of production members at the plants. 

Visiting plant same day customer contacts us.

Knowledge to collect & evaluate data of the situation.

Years of experience in both industries (cement & refractory) allow us to propose alternatives to control & improve the situation.

Building & submitting technical report for the customer.

Once the problem was identified a solution needs to appear quickly and right. The worldwide refractory training of our team permits us to suggest alternatives. Such as how important it is to know that the use of mortar between bricks will help to seal the brick job; or how important is consider  place a beam across the roof from outside helps to reinforce the metal structure without affect the heat dissipation.

Cement & Lime - Refractory Services + Fabrication

We know that planning is the key to any project and job. Good planning begins with the collection of information and data in the field. No matter what temperature the problem rises to or which equipment we need to analyze, we will be there by your side to give you all the technical support that is required.