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Planning and Preparation

Elite Refractory Services is ready to respond anywhere, anytime with trailers preloaded with all refractory installation needs. We have our own Brokk machines and a team of expert operators on standby for your project. Our team is experienced in all manners of outage planning and preparation, and is ready to help your outage succeed before it begins.

Tear Out and Installation

When you partner with Elite Refractory Services, you receive full refractory services that meet your requirements. Our team uses the latest and most efficient equipment, expedite repairs, and minimize facility downtime. We take pride in being a professional, hardworking team that gets the job done safely, properly, and within your time expectations.



Supportive Assets

Elite Refractory Services have assets to easily support annual outages and a one-repair outage at the same time. We cycle the trailers that obtain minimal amounts of materials, anchors, etc., through the shop in Texas to ensure all equipment is operational and ready at a moment’s notice. All this equips us to be ready to start work within a twenty-four-hours call at your site. Honesty is important to us, and our team will not commit to a job we can not do well.


Three 2000 lb mixers
Three refractory pumps
Five small mixers
Four Brokk machines
Two semi-truck job trailers; stocked and ready to go with two gunite machines, rivet busters and jackhammers, cords, welding rods, miscellaneous tools for refractory installation
Two small trailers with gunite machines and materials to complete small jobs


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